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Backing up students with backpacks!

Thanks to the generosity of the community we have distributed a whopping 1,626 backpacks stuffed with school supplies to low-income students in Contra Costa County. This exceeded our goal of 1,300 thanks to the generous support of our donors in the community.

Each year our Project Ready-to-Learn program focuses on providing school children with the tools needed to succeed! Groups like the mother-daughter National Charity League of Rolling Hills (above) who donated their time to assemble nearly 450 backpacks, help us prepare students for the school year and compete with their more affluent classmates. Thank you also to the following organizations for stuffing backpacks for us or for donating packs ready to go:

  • Alain Pinel Realtors
  • Alamo Women’s Club
  • National Charities Leagu – Diablo Valley & Boys group
  • EverFi
  • Clayton Business Community Association
  • Schneider-Electric
  • El Sobrante United Methodist Church
  • American Mechanical
  • Yvonne Bullock
  • Carolyn Harley
  • Jerry Falgien
  • Trudy Ketelhut
  • and more!



Save money and help needy families!

VESTIA has partnered with Entertainment® to give you discounts on thousands of products and services you already buy. The 2017 Entertainment® Digital Savings Membership features online functionality and a FREE MOBILE APP to provide:
• INSTANT ACCESS to hundreds of discount coupons in over 110 cities across the U.S. and Canada – It’s like having all of the Entertainment® editions on your phone or smart device!
• Geo-locators allow you to find savings offers near you, around the corner, or across the country. Just open the app and the built in Geo-Locator instantly finds the offers in your area!

• New offers are added daily to provide even more value.
• Instant discount through your smart device – Simply show the merchant the coupon on your smart device and get your instant discount!
For only $20 you will save on your favorite brands, restaurants, and services while supporting VESTIA in our work providing a safety net for thousands of low-income families and children in Contra Costa County.

Want the book of discount coupons instead? Use the Promo Code SALE30 for an additional 30% off a coupon book!

Click on the graphic to begin saving today!



Newberrys BLOCK Toy Drive & Car Show

Bring a new unwrapped toy or pay $20 donation. Your donation includes entrance to the car show and a BBQ lunch!

Saturday, Dec. 10. 10 am to 4 pm

Outside Mountain Mike’s Pizza and Willy’s Bagel’s



Make a child smile with a holiday toy or education gift!

Holiday Helpers Warehouse NEEDS YOU!

We’re gearing up for one of our biggest events, Holiday Helpers Warehouse! Last year, our generous donors and volunteers served nearly 400 low-income families and more than 1,000 children in Contra Costa County through donations of new toys, clothing, and food. You can be a part of this fun event and brighten the holidays for a child in need by donating a gift! Through your kindness, your new unwrapped gift valued at $20 to $50 will put a smile on a child’s face and help ease the financial burden for the family.

We appreciate any help you can give! Click here to donate a gift or money to help Contra Costa’s children have a happy holiday.

Give the gift of EDUCATION to a foster youth!

You can be a part of the bright future for a college-bound foster youth by donating to the Foster Youth Scholarship Fund. There are over 2,000 children in foster care and other out-of-home placement in Contra Costa County, and over 6,500 families suffer the debilitating effects of poverty. Growing up in foster care presents some extraordinary challenges for young people. Because these kids have been adversely affected by unstable and/or poorly functioning home situations, they are at increased risk of failing to make successful transitions from adolescence to adulthood. Your donation to the scholarship fund will help college-bound foster youth on the road to success!

We appreciate any help you can give! Click Here to donate a gift of Education to one of our Foster Youths.


Thank You Backpack Donors!

“See you tomorrow! I’ll call you about the homework. Hey, toss me my backpack!”  Students today rely on their backpacks as portable sources of food, books, pens, paper, and comfort. The ubiquitous backpack is a symbol of school and the independence we expect of students as they make their way through a school day. But what if a student didn’t have a backpack? It is hard to imagine, but that is the reality for many low-income children associated with Contra Costa Employment & Human Services Department (EHSD) – our social service network. These children experience a much higher level of instability in their homes and school lives. With the proper tools, including a well –equipped backpack, they can be better prepared to learn and get the most from their daily experience.

Project Ready-to-Learn (PRTL) is our annual school backpack giveaway for low-income children of EHSD clients. Thanks to groups like East Bay Times, private donors, and community-minded employees of companies like Schneider Electric (above) VESTIA is able to distribute 1,300 new backpacks filled with supplies to school children across Contra Costa County through PRTL.

A backpack may not seem like much, but to the child that receives that needed backpack, it can mean the world. He or she can now attend school with a new backpack, just like everyone else. He will have paper when the teacher says to get the paper out. She will be able to do the world map assignment in color, because she has markers in her backpack. The honors student will be able to take Trig because a graphing calculator is available. The right tools and supplies in a lowly backpack can open doors to the future that is not imaginable.

THANK YOU to all of our wonderful donors for tossing backpacks and school supplies our way and helping school children get ready to learn!


Endless Summer

The Kids 2 Camp experience lasts all summer long!

Those of you who had the opportunity to have a camping experience in your youth can remember the great experiences it offers. Contra Costa County has many families who cannot afford camps for their children. For more than 20 years VESTIA has been sending low-income and foster children to camps all over Northern California through our “Kids 2 Camp” program. In 2016 we referred 319 low-income children to one of four camps which provide enriching and often life-changing outdoor experiences. The Opportunity Camp, Camp St. Francis, Royal Family Kids Camp, and Morning Star camps help children build their confidence, learn social skills, and gain valuable experiences they can use for the rest of their lives.  Going to camp is like having an endless summer – packing a fun, rewarding, and fulfilling time into a mere week of activities. Many children who face serious issues such as homelessness, sexual and physical abuse, and other mistreatment can escape their worries and enjoy the chance to just be a kid. They often describe their entire summer by their experiences at camp. It’s a time to learn, explore, socialize, and be happy campers.


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