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Project Ready-to-Learn

A frantic “Where’s my backpack??” is a familiar phrase to any parent trying to get children out the door to school in the morning. What is a backpack? Sure, we know the answer to that question. A bag filled with pencils, pens, paper, and a binder. That is the usual answer, but a backpack to

Holiday Helpers Warehouse

Holiday Helpers Warehouse is coming to town… The holidays are celebrated in a multitude of ways, but some families in our Contra Costa communities are not able to enjoy the time as they struggle to provide “the basics” to survive. Contra Costa County has, for the last 30 years, helped thousands of families not only

Emergency Food Programs

“No one should go hungry…” Food insecurity is real. More than 10% of the population in Contra Costa County is below the Federal Poverty Level. VESTIA partners with Contra Costa County Employment & Human Services Department (EHSD) to provide food for families in crisis situations. Clients of EHSD can receive up to three days’ worth