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Endless Summer

The Kids 2 Camp experience lasts all summer long!

Those of you who had the opportunity to have a camping experience in your youth can remember the great experiences it offers. Contra Costa County has many families who cannot afford camps for their children. For more than 20 years VESTIA has been sending low-income and foster children to camps all over Northern California through our “Kids 2 Camp” program. In 2016 we referred 319 low-income children to one of four camps which provide enriching and often life-changing outdoor experiences. The Opportunity Camp, Camp St. Francis, Royal Family Kids Camp, and Morning Star camps help children build their confidence, learn social skills, and gain valuable experiences they can use for the rest of their lives.  Going to camp is like having an endless summer – packing a fun, rewarding, and fulfilling time into a mere week of activities. Many children who face serious issues such as homelessness, sexual and physical abuse, and other mistreatment can escape their worries and enjoy the chance to just be a kid. They often describe their entire summer by their experiences at camp. It’s a time to learn, explore, socialize, and be happy campers.


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