Project Ready-to-Learn

2019 STUFF-A-BACKPACK DRIVE July 15th – August 9th!
We are happy to announce our partnership with the Sydney Paige Foundation! Together we want to provide quality backpacks and supplies to low-income children affiliated with Social Services. We purchased backpacks and supplies from them last year and we were very pleased with their backpacks and school supplies’ quality and prices. We are hopeful that community groups like yours will join our online drive to purchase any or all supplies needed for your own backpack drive. This is a one-stop shop! There are a few options available to you like launching your own drive if you belong to a community group or an office. Your donations can be easily be tracked for you and for us.

Click here to purchase a new backpack stuffed with school supplies to help our children.

Thank you for your continued support to Project Ready to Learn! Thank you in advance from the children who will receive a backpack and be ready for school on their first day. Our 2018 Stuff-a-Backpack drive was a huge success! Thanks to our wonderful donors we distributed nearly 1,670 backpacks during the campaign and raised nearly $6,000. We also distribute backpacks year round when needed so in total we have provided $125,410 in quality backpacks stuffed with school supplies to help low-income children compete with their more affluent classmates. Thank you Contra Costa County community!

A frantic “Where’s my backpack??” is a familiar phrase to any parent trying to get children out the door to school in the morning. What is a backpack? Sure, we know the answer to that question. A bag filled with pencils, pens, paper, and a binder. That is the usual answer, but a backpack to our clients’ children means so much more. It means that they are ready for school and will be prepared with some of the most critical items needed. A backpack is absolute preparedness and organization. It says “I am here, count me in!”

But what happens to our children who attend class totally unprepared? They feel embarrassed, out of place and totally left out. Without the correct tools to begin with, they are behind from the start. We need to encourage our children to succeed by giving them the right tools. Through Project Ready-to-Learn, children are provided with a backpack full of needed supplies according to their grade level. It is critical to provide our children with these essential needs so that they can succeed in life.

A backpack expresses and reflects the child’s personality. A supervisor who handed out backpacks during our program last year, told us how the little children came in with smiles on their little faces, excited to know they would be able to pick out their own personal backpack. These children took their time, examining all their choices before making the big decision. Once they made a decision, they walk out of the office, proud, happy, and ready for school!

How would you like to make a child feel excited and ready for school? You can be a part of supporting children’s education by stuffing a NEW backpack with school supplies. Remember that the children are our future – let’s help them make their futures bright by investing in them today.

If you are interested in filling a backpack for a child in grades Kindergarten thru 12th grade here are some guidelines and the needed contents:

Please mark the outside of the backpack with masking tape and label it K-3, 4th-8th, or HS for high school and (if appropriate) if the contents are intended for either a boy or a girl. Thank you!

School Supply Shopping List
Elementary School Age K-3

  1. Back pack (please, no Blue or Red due to gang affiliation)
  2. Pencils, Eraser & Pencil Sharpener
  3. 1 box of Colored markers
  4. 1 box of Colored pencils
  5. 1 box of Crayons
  6. Scissors
  7. Glue Sticks
  8. Ruler
  9. Pencil Box
  10. Dictionary (optional)
  11. Three Ring Binder
  12. Binder paper (wide ruled)
  13. 2 folders

Please mark the outside of the backpack with masking tape and label it K-3
Grades 4-8

  1. Back pack (please, no Blue or Red due to gang affiliation)
  2. Pencils and sharpener and eraser
  3. Pens (black, blue and 2 red)
  4. Highlighters (one yellow, one other color)
  5. 1 box of colored pencils
  6. Zipper pouch
  7. Spiral notebooks (3)
  8. Paperback dictionary and thesaurus (optional)
  9. Three Ring Binder
  10. Binder paper (college ruled)
  11. Simple business calculator
  12. 2 or 3 Pee Chee type folders
  13. 2 glue sticks
  14. Ruler

Please mark the outside of the backpack with masking tape and label it 4-8

High School

  1. Back pack (please, no Blue or Red due to gang affiliation)
  2. Pencils and sharpener (at least 10 pencils)
  3. Pens (-black, blue, and red- 5 each)
  4. 2 Highlighters (1 Yellow, 1 another color)
  5. 4 Spiral notebooks-college ruled
  6. Three Ring Binder
  7. 3 folders
  8. Binder paper (college ruled)
  9. Scientific calculator
  10. Eraser
  11. Math kit (compass, protractor etc.)
  12. index cards
  13. post-its

Please mark the outside of the backpack with masking tape and label it 9-12

Donation drop-off sites coming soon!

Thank you for helping children get ready to learn! For more information call 925-521-5064.