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Save money and help needy families!

VESTIA has partnered with Entertainment® to give you discounts on thousands of products and services you already buy. The 2017 Entertainment® Digital Savings Membership features online functionality and a FREE MOBILE APP to provide:
• INSTANT ACCESS to hundreds of discount coupons in over 110 cities across the U.S. and Canada – It’s like having all of the Entertainment® editions on your phone or smart device!
• Geo-locators allow you to find savings offers near you, around the corner, or across the country. Just open the app and the built in Geo-Locator instantly finds the offers in your area!

• New offers are added daily to provide even more value.
• Instant discount through your smart device – Simply show the merchant the coupon on your smart device and get your instant discount!
For only $20 you will save on your favorite brands, restaurants, and services while supporting VESTIA in our work providing a safety net for thousands of low-income families and children in Contra Costa County.

Want the book of discount coupons instead? Use the Promo Code SALE30 for an additional 30% off a coupon book!

Click on the graphic to begin saving today!



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