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VESTIA Board of Directors


Together, we can strengthen our communities and help our neighbors who fall on hard times. Many of the families we serve are the “working poor” – those who are barely able to scrape by and are transitioning from public assistance to self-sufficiency. We admire their persistence, and are here to offer a hand when help is needed. We are optimistic that VESTIA will again meet the challenges that face the families of Country Costa County because of the dedicated volunteers and generous supporters.

VESTIA Board of Directors


Co-Presidents – Judy Pieralde, Carolyn Harley

Vice President – Anne Smith

Financial Reporter – Jerry Falgien

Secretary – Michelle Barnaba


Members at Large:

Yvonne Bullock

Gail Garrett

Carolyn Harley

Pat Herrera

Lloyd Madden



Cynthia Smith
VESTIA Coordinator

Eugenia Hidalgo-Malacas
VESTIA Program Specialist

Alvaro Florez
VESTIA Program Specialist