Aging and Adult Services

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Aging & Adult Services:  The Aging & Adult Services Bureau provides a wide range of services that support and enhance the well-being and safety of older adults and adults with disabilities.  Our programs include General Assistance, In Home Supportive Services, the Area Agency on Aging and Adult Protective Services.  Through our programs, seniors receive nutritious meals, social engagement, exercise programs, and help when they need it most.  Please consider donating to the following causes:

Health Insurance Counseling & Advocacy Program (HICAP) Volunteer Program:  HICAP volunteers undergo extensive training and certification in order to assist older adults navigate the complexities of Medicare coverage.  The HICAP volunteers are hardworking, committed and able to provide a much needed service.  Your donation will enable the Aging & Adult Services Bureau to provide a volunteer recognition party to thank the volunteers for everything that they do. Donate to this Program

Adult Protective Services (APS):  APS Social Workers assist elder and dependent adults who are experiencing abuse and neglect.  Your donation will purchase items like clothing, food and bedding for people are in dire need.  Your support will have a tremendous impact on someone who truly needs help.