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In a heartwarming act of generosity and support for the foster youth , Julia Booker has donated 2,139 books to Vestia for distribution to the Foster Children of Contra Costa County. This donation marks the sixth year of her commitment to raising readers and supporting the community by increasing book access to all children.

Personal Connection:  Julia’s involvement with the Foster Program is deeply personal, as she herself is a Foster parent who adopted her son.  She understands the challenges faced by the foster children and is committed to providing comfort and stability to these young lives.

Empowering Children:  Julias donation ensures these young individuals have something precious to call their own- a book can accompany them throughout their journey.

Celebrating Milestones:  Each October, Julia organizes a book drive in honor of her son’s adoption anniversary.  This event not only raises funds but also awareness of the foster youths needs and that they matter!

Record Breaking Contribution:  In an unprecedented move, Julia donated 50% of her last quarter book sales to add to her fundraising efforts.  This resulted in the largest contribution to date!

Eugenie (right) accepts donation from Julia (left)

Six years of giving:  Julia’s consistent donations over the past six years continues to bring a valuable resource to those who need it the most

Future Goals:  Julia hopes in the future she will be able to provide not only a book to each child in need but an activity kit as well.  Her passion drives her to keep making a difference.

For information on how to donate to Julia’s book drive please visit her page.

Vestia cannot express enough gratitude for Julia’s donation and dedication to Contra Costa’s Foster Youth.  Her actions remind us that there are always new chapters to be written and new stories to be told.

Thank you, for helping our children turn the page to a brighter future!